Saturday, September 25, 2010

My OPportunity to Serve

My OPportunity to Serve Schedule

October 14
Set-Up: Teacher Mommy
Clean-Up: Creative Cook Mommy
Game: Nurse Mommy

October 28
Set-Up: Taxi Mommy
Clean-Up: Mellow Mommy
Game: Maid Mommy

November 18
Set-Up: Magician Mommy
Clean-Up: Referee Mommy
Game: Spiritual Mommy

December 9
Set-Up: Sports Mommy
Clean-Up: Organized Mommy
Game: Teacher Mommy

January 13
Set-Up: Creative Cook Mommy
Clean-Up: Nurse Mommy
Game: Taxi Mommy

January 27
Set-Up: Mellow Mommy
Clean-Up: Maid Mommy
Game: Magician Mommy

February 10
Set-Up: Referee Mommy
Clean-Up: Spiritual Mommy
Game: Sports Mommy

February 24
Set-Up: Organized Mommy
Clean-Up: Teacher Mommy
Game: Creative Cook Mommy

March 10
Set-Up: Nurse Mommy
Clean-Up: Taxi Mommy
Game: Mellow Mommy

March 24
Set-Up: Maid Mommy
Clean-Up: Magician Mommy
Game: Mellow Mommy

April 14
Set-Up: Spiritual Mommy
Clean-Up: Sports Mommy
Game: Organized Mommy

Set-Up: Please plan to arrive by 9:15 am to set up.  Early childcare is avaliable.
Clean-Up: Please plan on staying till about 12:30 to clean up. 
Game: Participants can be just your table or the entire MOPS group.

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