Monday, February 28, 2011

MOPS Mom E Mail

If you aren't signed up to receive the Mops Mom E Mail, you should.  You can do that here.  But, I wanted to share a story that was in the E-mail I received today.  Made me laugh out loud.  I can so see this happening to me.


When my daughter was three, I took her with me to a local department store to look for something. My plan was to get in and out like any good mother of a preschooler. So, we walked down the center aisle, the quickest route to our destination in the store. She protested and wanted to walk through the clothing racks. After much pleading on her part, I gave in and through the racks she walked. I was only three feet from her when all of a sudden, a clothing rack began to lean over and quickly created a domino effect. One, then two, then three, then four and five racks full of clothes later, we had destroyed the women’s section of the local Stein Mart.   
"We all have those
mommy moments
where we just want to
crawl under a rock"
Seriously? Yes, seriously, my dear Gracie Girl single-handedly toppled five racks of women’s clothing. I was mortified! After quickly assessing that she was fine, I desperately scanned for the quickest escape route. A sales associate came over and said, “Oh, don’t worry about it, these things happen.”Seriously?, I thought. They certainly don’t happen to me! I tried helping the sales lady lift the racks but she insisted I leave them alone. I hastily made my purchase while threatening Gracie with “Don’t touch anything!”

That was a day of ultimate embarrassment. We all have those mommy moments where we just want to crawl under a rock and hope no one saw or heard what our children did. I think those things happen to help us realize we’re not SuperMom. We aren’t always going to have it all together. In fact, when we start to think we do, our kids are quick to humble us and put life back in perspective. I guess there could be worse ways to learn.


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