Monday, October 29, 2012

Mentor Panel

The October 25th meeting included a Q&A session with our Mentor Moms. This group of women is so appreciated by the other MOPS moms and I always think the Mentor Panel is one of the most fun meetings. Questions were submitted in a variety of categories ranging from strong-willed children discipline, date nights, parent/child bathing, stepchildren relationships, hardest mothering decisions, etc. Each of the Mentors gave great insight into their own parenting experiences and offered wise counsel on how to address these concerns today. One of my biggest take-aways is the hope I feel when I hear them express how they were once in the same situation and they made it through alive and have positive things to say about how everything turned out. As a mom of young children, there are many days (and hours) when I question whether I'll make it through without losing my mind. Like I've heard before, "you can drown in a carpool" and it's the little things that usually take the biggest toll on my mommy stamina. It's different for everyone, but I think that's why I so appreciate hearing from those who've gone before me and lived to tell the tale.

Thank you ladies! Never underestimate your role as a Mentor Mom in MOPS.

We love YOU!!

(L to R) Patty, Edie, Beth, Niki, Cindy, Ginger
Not Pictured: Karen J., Leslie, Janet, Karen B.

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