Thursday, January 10, 2013

A Better You in 2013

As part of this year's PLUNGE theme, we are diving deeper into what steps we can take as women and moms to improve our own well-being and ultimately that of our family as well. Today's speaker was Kathleen Ottley who shared her own personal insight into Spiritual, Emotional, and Physical Health. She offered many great ideas and tips including favorite cookbooks, target foods, and recommendations for growing in faith.

Some of my favorite suggestions were:
Spiritual/Emotional Health:
- Don't be afraid to grow and change
- Find a version of the Bible that suits you (language, commentary, etc.)
- Start a journal
- Say a prayer
- Spend time with women you can learn from

Physical Health:
- Make menus to plan meals and reuse them as needed
- Research & Find the healthiest way for you and your family to eat
- Eat REAL foods (things your great-grandmother would recognize)
- Buy groceries primarily from the perimeter of the store
- Processed Foods should have 5 ingredients or less (nothing you can't pronounce)
- Exercise 30 minutes per day

- everyone should check this out~seriously, they have done all the hard work for you. The recipes look good and can be tweeked if needed.

Favorite Cookbooks:

The above cookbook even has a section for kid friendly meals. I've made the homemade spaghetti and meatballs and everyone loved them. I really love any of their cookbooks but their Family ones are my favorite. I've bought the Red and Green one for each of our children and they are our 'go to' cookbooks.

Dr. Bowden has several great books and I recommend any of them. Notice he has a crockpot one too!
- Eat This Not That (book)
- The Dirty Dozen: to learn which foods are best bought organic

Some of the MOPS tables shared their favorite healthy living tips also:
- an online meal-planning program, well organized and easy to follow
- "WORKOUT TRAINER" app: offers a variety of quick workouts ideal for busy moms
- Local Fitness Classes (Grace Evan and Central Church were recommended)
- Organize grocery lists into categories/sections of the store and in the order you would travel through the store (i.e. Produce, Bakery, Meat, Frozen, Dairy, etc.)

Be Well Everyone!

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