Thursday, November 14, 2013

Jingle Bell MOP: The Search Begins...

If you were at today's MOPS meeting then you already know about this year's Inaugural Jingle Bell MOP contest. This will be a super fun holiday activity for our group and the grand prize is worth all the brain power and energy you'll use to decipher the clues. It's a contest so you'll want to employ your best spy techniques and secretive decoding. Each clue will help you unravel the mystery of the Jingle Bell MOP.

So here are the ground rules:
- ONLY active 2013/14 MOPS moms are eligible to participate
- Clues will be posted on the Grace Evan MOPS blog (Good reason to become a subscriber) :)
- Grand prize awarded to one individual

Known for trains, emancipation and horse farms - find the MOP in the heart of this lovely town!


  1. We're in!! How fun! I'm hoping this isn't a stupid question, but are we looking for the mop or another clue based on this clue?

  2. Each clue will get you closer to the mop, not necessarily the next clue.