Friday, September 10, 2010

SAMS Club- Sunday After MOPS

Last year, moms would meet without children a Starbucks at 8pm on Sunday nights.  This was a time to just chat and spend quality time with other mommas while sipping on a hot cup of joe and enjoying the silence of no children.

If you would like to have SAMS again this year, please leave your name in the comments below.  If we get enough reponses, we will resume Sunday After MOPS.


  1. I can meet up with people tonight at 8:00 at the Starbucks on Houston Levee between Poplar and Winchester. Anybody game?


  2. I'd love to do SAMS club. That Starbucks and time work great for me too.


  3. Works for me too. Count me in for SAMS. See you there.

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