Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Next MOPS meeting this Thursday 9-22-11

Happy Monday!
Thank you, Lord, for this rain. I, and my sinuses, feel very blessed today.
We are looking forward to seeing everyone again on Thursday for our MOPS meeting at 10:00.

A few highlights for Thursday:

1) HAT - We will be launching HAT (Highlight A Table) at this meeting. Where each table will have the opportunity to introduce themselves and state a few interesting facts that would help you get to know another mom, maybe across the room, that you have something in common with. Your DGL will let you know when your table is up for HAT!

2) Dues - This is the last meeting to pay your DUES at $40, before the cost increase to $50.

3) Childcare - A few changes in childcare: The church will now provide the snack for Moppettes. So, please, no more "lunches". If you feel strongly that you need to send a snack, please make it manageable and peanut-free. Feel free to send a labeled sippy cup (or bottle). Please LABEL everything.

4) Operation Christmas Child - If anyone would like to get involved with MOPS as the Coordinator of our Operation Christmas Child shoebox ministry, please email me. We are looking for someone to coordinate timing, collection and delivery of the boxes. We have the boxes and labeling supplies for moms to fill. I would be happy to answer any questions.

5) Service Project - We will be doing a small (last minute) service "craft" project on Thursday benefiting French Camp Academy in MS. If you would like to learn more about French Camp, their website ishttp://www.frenchcamp.org/frenchcamp/

6) Speaker - A fellow MOPS mom will be sharing fun and interesting ways to spruce up your kids' lunchbox, while keeping them healthy. So come with your questions and ideas ;)

7) "Mocha with a Mentor" Door Prize - Make sure you get a door prize ticket! We are also starting "Mocha with a Mentor". You can win the opportunity to have coffee (or tea) with one of our amazing mentors.

See you on Thursday!

In all things,


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