Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Prayer Request

Hi All,

I wouldn't normally post something personal, but I do have a prayer request.

This is Austin Westbrook. He is 3 months old. He is my cousin Jennifer's nephew. Last night he was life-flighted to Cooks Medical Center in Fort Worth, TX. He had a seizure and stopped breathing. Test were run to find fluid on his brain which has caused swelling. The cause... the babysitter admitted to shaking Austin.  This is not the first time, as tests have shown a bruise on the brain indicating a former injury. The babysitter, a mother of 2, is in jail. The family has asked for prayers and for us to have a forgiving heart. I know the bible teaches us forgiveness. Prayers for precious Austin and his family.

P.S. Updates on Austin below in comments.

Thank you,



  1. Austin update: 45cc's drained from his soft spot. EEG monitor hooked up. Complete bone scan revealed another injury to his arm (clinical fracture) as well.

  2. Praying Kate! What a nightmare.

  3. This is an update from Austin's dad:

    Austin opened his eyes for just a moment. When Jenn (Austin's mom) leaned over and talked to him the corner of his mouth raised. He is still under heavy observation for possible surgery so we are waiting. Thank you all so much again and again my family would be lost without the support we feel from everyone.

  4. Update on Austin as if Thursday afternoon. They drained more blood today and may have to repeat this procedure. They don't know yet if they will have to drill holes. Austin continues to have seizures and is on medication to control this. Draining the blood can cause seizures. Blood clots still behind eyes. Maybe months before they know about his sight. Baby has improved but dr says Austin is not out if the woods yet. Keep up prayers. God is good.

  5. From Austin's Dad:
    Quick update on little batman. They just did the tap on him and only pulled off 25cc's of fluid this time which is significantly less amount than what they pulled yesterday. They will be taking him of the seditive and seeing if he still seizes. They will also be trying to give him a stomach tube to start giving him some nurishment. We are making baby steps right now but hopefully we are stepping in Gods light and in the right direction. We also have a new friend who also could use prayer, his name is Gunner and is only a few beds away and I just ask God to use his ominous presents and protect both of these boys. thanks everyone and keep praying.

  6. Update from Chris (Austin's Dad:
    Okay, we got to talk to the doctors and got a pretty indepth report. He has been having seizures but they are spaced out and not consecutive which is a good thing. Austin is starting to make a lot of movements that are not seizure related, meaning he is thinking to move. He is building up some fluid but they said that his fluid input is matching his output (the plumbing is doing its job). They will still tap him daily until Monday, then they will evaluate and see if they need to put bur holes into his head to let off the pressure. He didn't have as much fluid tap out as they did yesterday or the day before. It could be the tap was not placed well or that there wasn't that much pressure to tap out. we will be able to tell tomorrow wether which is which. He is pretty much breathing on his own but they still don't want to pull the resperator until they are sure that he is not seizing anymore. There is probly more but, for the moment that is all daddy's head could hold. Will let yall know if there is more or if anything new happens.

  7. From austins dad:
    Praise the good Lord. They have removed the respirator and Austin is breathing well on his own. It is a big step, we still have a long way to go but at least we are heading in the right direction. God is so good. We now have to wait to see how his swelling is and what our plan is from here. Gunnar also has had answered prayers and we are just overjoyed at what God is doing in this place. We both have a long road ahead of us and we just thank god for the small steps we are making. PRAISE THE LORD WHO IS GOOD!

  8. Here is the Facebook page that has been set up for him.

    His mom was able to hold him for the first time this morning!

  9. Hey guys. Lots of info so I hope you have a minute. Neurosurgeon feels that the pressure and fluid is getting better, so no tap and no surgery right now. PTL. The Neurologist has determined that he has been completely seizure free since friday afternoon, so they removed the EEG nodes from all over his head. Yesterday Audrey wanted to know why all those colored strings were coming out of his head. I told her it was measuring his thinker. She was satisfied with that answer. It will be much easier to hold him again. His body is getting used to his anti seizure meds so he is beginning to open his eyes more often, but I can tell he still can't see me. They are changing the med to a kind that they put in his feeding tube rather than his IV so that he will be able to wake up a litle more, since it will be absorbed slower. That dark little complexion is non existent right now. He is very pale, but the doctors assured me that all levels of whatever are good, so it's ok. The occupational therapist has been here and will be alternating with the physical therapist every day to work with his body, keeping him from getting stiff and working on milestones that he has to relearn, like sucking on a pacifier.
    As for me and Chris: I do not care for the trash bag lady. She feels she needs to shake open every trashbag for every trash can 82 times at 7 am. I also do not care for fire drills at 4 am. Thankfully, there is an openning at the ronald mcdonald house starting tonight for us. Today is the first day I asked about it, so I was very surprised to hear that they had room for us as of 1 pm today. The hospital is having a spa day for PICU parents this afternoon, so chris and I will be getting haircuts and massages. This is a very ambitious group of massage therapists to take on such a stressed out group. I hope they lift weights. We are also being kicked out this evening for dinner. I am dreading both of those things just as much as I am excited about them. I have been very emotional today, fighting a dark mood. I think now that news is calmer, and things are slowing down, I am coming off of an adrenaline rush and things are sinking in. Please don't let good news slow your prayers, I am so so humbled and grateful to all of you and your posts on this page do get read and they help me get through each moment. Thank you so much. - Jenn
    Psalm 41:3
    Jeremiah 30:17b
    II Corinthians 13:9
    I Peter 5:10