Monday, September 26, 2011

Tips for Healthy Lunches

Google for a staple list of “go to” lunches
Consider searches like brown bag lunches, lunch box menus, healthy lunches, etc.
Bento is a hot trend for packing whole food lunches
Rotate your lunch menu like a school rotates their menu

What to pack it in
Consider purchasing predivided containers for easier packing (Ziplock available at Target & Kroger) in a great website for various lunch containers
Skewers, cocktail picks, cocktail forks, all make for a fun lunch
Keep lunch disposable free so your child is not near a trash

What to Pack in it
“If God grew it, it’s good.  If man made it, it’s maybe” teach your kids to make their own healthy choices
Side items are the easiest way to start packing healthy lunches remember WHOLE food
Replace processed side items with fresh fruits/veggies/salads/etc.
If you have to have packaged food make it high fructose syrup and hydrogenated oil FREE
(ex: Pita chips, rice cakes, bugles, nuts, seeds, dried fruit, all fruit roll ups, oyster crackers)
Healthy is not nutritious. Pretzels won’t aide in preventing a cold like an orange!

How to get started
You will go through growing pains during the transition. Just don’t give up. It starts with you providing it so they can begin eating it.
Consider premaking items for easy morning lunch assembly.
 Premake a fruit/veggie tray. Pre-grill chicken and cube it for a healthy “chicken nugget”.
Premake mini muffins and freeze or homemade trail mix for grab and go snacks.,, or weelicious on FB for picture galleries of lunches

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