Saturday, April 20, 2013

Teaching through Reading

Beth Gurner spoke at our April 11th MOPS meeting and her message was so informative with a thorough list of so many great book options for children in a wide range of categories. There were many I was already familiar with and so many more that were new to me. It can sometimes be easy to forget the power of stories, books, and reading and the lessons and knowledge children gain from them but Beth's own storytelling ability made me remember all to well the power of a good story. Even though the books Beth read from during the meeting were intended for children, I found myself hanging on to every word and felt my emotions bubbling to the surface.

I also really love some of her tips for reading with children:
  • Let them choose the book
  • It's okay to read seasonal books year-round (i.e. The Night Before Christmas)
  • Have them try reading it back to you (in their own words using pictures if they can't read)
  • Make it fun and interesting - children love character voices
Click Here to check out Beth's entire list of book suggestions, "Teaching Character Traits Using Children's Literature."

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