Monday, April 29, 2013

Time Well Spent

As they say...All goods things must come to an end. I guess that applies to a great year of MOPS as well (at least until we get back together next year that is). Our last meeting, affectionately called Tea & Testimony, was the perfect finale to such a full season of learning and fellowship.

As part of this special meeting, each group can decorate their table based on a chosen theme and go as little or large as they feel necessary. The creativity always amazes me and I love seeing the unique ideas each group comes up with. And to up the ante just a little, there were judges and prizes for the Best in Show!

3rd Place - At the Beach


2nd Place - Llama Llama Red Pajama

1st Place - Henry's Baby Shower

Each year we get the pleasure of hearing the testimony of another mom and this year MOPS mom Alexis Carroll shared her personal story of God's grace and faithfulness throughout her life. It was so encouraging to hear from another woman who has been able to see God's sovereignty in so many life experiences and trials and give praise for the many blessings she's received even when she found it hard to recognize in the moment. How thankful I am that God already knows the master plan for my life and that He'll never give up on me even in my weakest moments.

It was a sweet time together to end this MOPS year. We celebrated our graduating MOPPETS children and that particular acknowledgement always reminds me I won't be in this preschool season of life forever and the day will come when I'll graduate from MOPS myself. That being the case, I want to soak it all in and take advantage of every bit of support I can grasp while I'm trudging through this storm of toddler parenting. I wholeheartedly believe I'll look back on my time in MOPS fondly and with great appreciation knowing I made it through this period alive and a HUGE part of that success is credited to my MOPS moms.

I hope this year was beneficial for each of you and that in some way big or small, you took the PLUNGE and dug deeper into an area that may have needed some work. THANK YOU to everyone who had ANYTHING to do with this MOPS ministry. It takes a village to keep this ship afloat and and it was a worthwhile voyage for me from start to finish.

Enjoy the summer. Hope to see you next year.

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