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Mommy Makeover Sessions

Every Mother of Preschooler can attest to the fact that the majority of every day is devoted to the little ones we love. It's not like our days are made of up many major events or activities; however, all the small tasks like pouring milk, getting dressed, finding the lost toy, reading books, cleaning up the milk and changing clothes again begin to add up and before you know it, the day is winding down and it's hard sometimes to convince my husband we did anything productive at all.

With that in mind, our September 26 MOPS meeting was devoted entirely to the needs of MOM! We love learning about new and creative ideas for our children and parenting but what a treat it was to have the focus shifted to tending to our own needs and interests.

Using several of our own expert MOPS women, four Mommy Makeover sessions were available for ladies to attend and become informed on the following topics: Wardrobe Styling, Nutrition, Hair & Makeup, and Fitness. I love walking away from every MOPS meeting with an excitement of yet again learning something new that I can incorporate into my daily life and these sessions really met that mark.

A synopsis of each session is included below. I hope you are inspired to use some or all of these ideas. You deserve to feel great so take some time to try a new beauty tip this month.

by Betsy Bryant

You can build a confident and stylish wardrobe through "the dynamite rule".  When purchasing clothing, stop and ask yourself if the item fits these 3 criteria:
1. Does it fit perfectly?  
    Perfect fit is essential for fabulous looking clothes.  You will look and feel better when your clothes fit as they should.
2. Does it fill a void in your wardrobe?
     For example, if you already have a black cardigan, you do not need to get another one.  Enjoy the dynamite one you have and spend your money on something else that you do not have and that better rounds out your wardrobe.
3. Is it dynamite?
    Do you love everything about the item?  If there is one tiny bit of hesitation in you, don't buy it.   
    It's not the right thing for you.  Small hesitations in stores turn into big hesitations at home.  You don't want to end up with another item that collects dust in your closet.
What do you do to begin this process of building a dynamite wardrobe?
1. Turn all your hangars backwards in your closet. (go under the bar to hook them on your closet rod)  After you wear items and return them to your closet, hang them correctly.  At the end of the season or year, you will see what you did not wear because those hangars will still be backwards. There is a reason why you didn't wear it - get rid of it.
2. Question your current wardrobe.  Why do you constantly pass up that pair of jeans and wear different ones?  It's likely they are just a tad uncomfortable, fit funny, etc.  Whatever the reason, get rid of them.  There is no reason to keep something that you don't wear.
Living and buying by the dynamite rule means that you can walk into your closet and be confident in anything you own.  It takes the guesswork out of what to wear each day and in the long run, it saves money because you buy fewer items.  Happy shopping!
by Tiffany McElveen
Ladies, I enjoyed working with you last meeting on accessorizing your wardrobe. While I am no expert on the subject, I hope you took something away from my presentation. Here are a few bullet points to consider when trying to accessorize. 
- accessories are like outfit icing, they help pull your outfit together and make it pop. 
- accessories help you take basic pieces in your closet and make them relevant. 
- 25% of your clothing budget should be spent on accessories. 
- the accessories you buy must be versatile. Some examples of neutral accessories would be turquoise jewelry and animal print shoes or scarves. 
- your accessories should never overpower you or your outfit. They should add interest, not be distracting. 
- check out for great deals on accessories
by Kathleen Ottley
I lost 40 lbs almost 15 years ago. After reading lots of books and articles I came to the conclusion that diets DO NOT work. Everyone who diets is concentrating on losing weight as fast as they can and then relaxing or going back to old habits and gaining it back. It is so much better to find a healthy way to eat~ a way to eat for the rest of your life. If you are really concerned about the weight, multiply your weight goal times 12. That is the amount of calories it takes to maintain that weight (12x125=1500 calories a day). Use that as your goal. The weight will come off slowly, but when you reach your goal you will just keep eating the same and not do the yo-yo thing! Here are some eating/shopping tips:
1. Eat real food. It's pretty much impossible to eat healthy if you mostly eat out. Get Eat This Not That to help you make better decisions with restaurant or packaged food. Use your crockpot. Skinny Slow Cooker and Six Sisters have great recipes.
2. If it's white it probably isn't healthy. Potatoes, white rice, pasta and baked items should be treats and not regular menu items. That's the stuff that turns to sugar really fast!
3. Shop around the perimeter of the grocery store. That's where all the real food is. Fill most of your cart from this area. The exception would be frozen fruits and veggies.
4. If you do buy processed food- try to stick to the rule of only buying items with 5 ingredients or less. 
5. If there are any ingredients you can't pronounce, leave it on the shelf.
6. ANY hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated and ANY high fructose corn syrup is reason not to buy it.
7. 30 minutes a day of any kind of exercise is awesome but especially strength training. I started out with Leslie Sansone walking DVD's and added from there. is a great resource. You can watch 1 minute of them to see if you like it.
8. Good websites for recipes are and
9. Wheat Belly, Cholesterol Myth and South Beach Diet are good places to start.
10. Make little changes and then add some more. Don't try and overhaul you and your whole family all at once. And it is so worth it.
by Missy Daniel
I love a good "sit in front of the mirror for 30 min doing my makeup" session...but our daily routine as a MOP can be so busy and confusing - some days you only have 5 min for your make up - and that's ok! Through trial and error over the years, I've learned some helpful tricks to quick make up application. My number one tip would be to perfect concealer application. I used to be very scared of concealer but once I learned how to apply it correctly, I learned that it can "make or break" your entire make up look. Concealer is the difference between "oh wow, I look like I was up all night with my toddler" and "oh wow, I look like I spent the night at a spa". One life altering concealer tip - apply it AFTER you do your eye make up. That little tip blew my mind when I first heard it...and started putting it to work.

A few bullet points from my session
* I spend money on 3 things (brushes, foundation & concealer). Most everything else is drug store.
* I do my eyes first. That way concealer and foundation cover anything color that fell on your face.
* Darker eye shadow is applied to outer eye lids & round my eyeball and lighter colors are applied to inner lids.
* Eyeliner is applied thicker at outer corner and almost non existent in the inner corner.
* I always apply 2 different types on mascara - one that promises fullness and another that promises length.
* Both my concealer and my foundation is from Bobbi Brown. (liquid concealer and foundation stick)
* My brushes are Bobbi Brown, MAC & Sigma.
* I would break down a 5 min routine like this:
            2.5 min on eyes
            1 min on concealer & foundation
            0.5 on blush
            1 min on lips.
* If you only had 2 min for make up:
        1 min on eyes (shadow in outer corners & and round eyeball and mascara)        0.5 on concealer        0.5 on lips
*Some days, just a bright lip is a perfect classic look.

Hair Products I Recommend
    Aquage Uplifting Foam
   TRESemme Freshstart Dry Shampoo

My Favorite Beauty Routine Blog
by Niki Stewart / Lindsay Tilson
Your 10 minute anywhere workout:
20 jumping jacks
20 squats
15 push ups (on chair, girl push ups, or regular are fine)
20 lunge kicks (10 left, 10 right)
15 tricep dips (on chair)
30 second plank to T
30 second fast feet
20 calf raises (on incline preferably)
4 way abs (8 left leading, 8 right leading)
*repeat, if desired*

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