Tuesday, September 10, 2013

You might be a Mother IF...

As much as I love being a mommy, I can quite certainly say my least favorite thing about motherhood is the harshly unrealistic comparison that often occurs between women. We develop our own perceptions of how wonderful other moms are and how well-behaved their kids are and therein begins a laundry list of unnecessary mommy guilt.

After reading this blog post by Lisa Jo Baker, I knew it had to be shared with our MOPS Moms. I'd be willing to bet every single one of us has felt guilt over not meeting what we perceive to be the highest standards of motherhood. This gig of motherhood may look different in each of our homes, but that's the beauty of it. I'm not perfect...but goodness gracious, I'm doing the best I can and while I may not always feel up to snuff, my children know I love them to the moon and back in spite of the fact that every meal may not cover the entire food pyramid.

Use this link to access the blog post:
Mom guilt. I’m getting over it.

We've got more important things to worry about than guilt...like the load of washed laundry you forgot about and is now mildewing in the washer. I'm not too proud to admit every member of our family has worn a slightly sour item of clothing at some point. Sure the preference would be to rewash everything but who has time for all that?

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